Thursday, October 1, 2009

Developing an ICT tool based unit of work

Note to self: when creating a unit of work that incorporates the use of ICT tools that you are required to create, start a bit earlier than what you did this time...

I honestly didn't realise how time consuming creating a WebQuest would be (not to mention all of the files that are included in the WebQuest) plus locating suitable YouTube videos etc etc. Not saying that I wouldn't take the WebQuest approach again in the future, just next time I will be more prepared.

When creating the unit of work "The Three Rs", I had initially chosen to work with Year 3 students thinking that it would be an easier path to take. I came to a standstill when thinking about how this age group would manage to collaborate using wikis and blogs. I later changed the unit to cater for Year 7. Looking back though, I could have left it for Year 3 - as long as I had scaffolded and guided their learning enough to be able to effectively use these tools of communication. Ah well, we live and we learn...

I can say that I have enjoyed the learning in this course. Not only has it taught me how to use a range of ICT tools, but it has changed my thoughts on using these tools in the classroom. There are so many tools out there that allow for collaboration between students and so many tools out there to engage learners, that sometimes it's hard to select just a couple to work with. It greatly depends on the age group and skill level/scaffolding/guidance of learners you are working with as to what tools you can use effectively.

The ICT tools that we have been working with are workable with every key learning area, which is another positive to using them in a classroom. As I move through my career, I am looking forward to using these tools in all facets of my teaching as well as using them in my personal life for home projects.