Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learning Styles Inventory

Learning Style Scores

Visual - 7
Social - 10
Physical - 8
Aural - 8
Verbal - 9
Solitary - 10
Logical - 11

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Based on the Learning Styles Inventory online survey, my learning style is a fairly even mixture of all of the mentioned styles. From my experiences throughout school and univeristy I find this to be mostly accurate. I require a mixture of teaching approaches to learn what is required of me. This doesn't mean that I require each learning style for each subject area, but more that I require different teaching styles for different subject areas.

In a classroom setting, you will have many, many preferred learning styles. Student have their own ways of learning and understanding new concepts. In reality though, it is impossible to cater for all learning styles while teaching all activities. Students though, need to be given different options for accessing information in their preferred learning style.

This type of tool would be useful in the classroom for teachers to determine what kind of learning styles they will need to cater for in the classroom. It would also provide a guide for being able to place students in preferred learning style groups.

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