Thursday, July 23, 2009

Voki (continued)

Voki is another ICT tool that aligns within the three learning theories provided for analysing the given tools in the courseware for this subject. A Voki can engage students by appealing to their visual and auditory senses as well as being able to support and scaffold student learning.

There are many uses for Voki in the classroom. Voki can be used for students to express themselves and ideas. They can be used as a tool in drafting their scripts to record, choosing their visual image, clothing and hair to present, record and self evaluate their speech recordings and be able to express themselves in a safe, non-threatening way. Voki can be a fun way to communicate and the advantage is that students can maintain their anonymity when publishing to the world.

Teachers could also use a Voki to introduce their students to a new topic in the classroom. For students who have trouble reading a Voki could be an effective way to provide information. Because of the features of a Voki (voices, clothing, hair, other appearances etc) students may find Vokis a more appealing way to receive information in the classroom.

I am yet to discover though how to get my voki to say more than a small amount of typed text...

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