Saturday, August 1, 2009

Animations and Simulations

Animations and simulations are becoming very popular as a way of teaching students in schools. This creative way of conveying information can be used in all areas of the curriculum. These tools provide authentic situations in which students can learn about a variety of topics.

EdHeads is an educational website that contains animations and simulations that are designed to make hard to teach concepts understandable by using interaction that only the internet can provide. Edheads have created innovative learning experiences that motivate students to learn. Activities such as designing a cellphone, deep brain stimulation, virtual hip replacement and virtual knee surgery allow students to learn and explore in areas that they would not be privy to in a 'normal' classroom. These kinds of activities engage students beyond the walls of the classroom.

As a teacher I would find activities such as the ones found on EdHeads, extremely useful in providing activities to challenge the thinking of my students and to provide a different teaching strategy that will engage students, provide an authentic platform for learning, give multiple perspectives on topics and encourage complex learning processes (Kearsley and Shneiderman's Engagement theory)

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