Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ning is a social networking site that provides a place for people with a common interest topic to put up their ideas, videos, photos, events etc.

This interactive tool could be utilised by both students and teachers within an educational environment.

Students could collaboratively create a Ning site that is specific to what they are currently learning about. They would be able to post any information they have about their chosen Ning topic and learn from their peers. Students are able to manage who is a member of their Ning, which may limit the occurance of vandalism on their site. Ning also allows users to create their own page (like a profile) so they can connect with other like minded people. Ning provides a way for students to interact with their peers that they may not experience within the walls of the classroom. These aspects of using Ning in the classroom conform to what is suggested in the Engagement Theory, Oliver's Design framework and the Active Learning framework.

In the same way, teachers could make use of the Ning network, providing them with ways of sharing and communicating their ideas in regards to teaching practices, common problems they are faced with in the classroom, unit planning and the list goes on...

As with other networking sites, there is the issue of security with allowing students to use Ning in the classroom. Teachers would have to carefully monitor how their students were using this tool in the classroom.

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