Saturday, August 1, 2009

Image Manipulation AKA Picnik

Picnik is a photo editing tool that available for use online. A bunch of Picnik's editing tools are one-click fixes, including auto- fix, exposure, colors, and red-eye. And the others, like rotate, crop, resize, and sharpening, can be controlled with easy-to-use sliders.

The above manipulated image of my kidlets has been taken from a black and white image and transformed into a pencil sketch with a simple frame and text. To make these changes was a quick, straightforward task.

In the classroom, students could use Picnik to manipulate any image for any purpose. They may want to change colours, textures, features to make images more individualised and suitable for their purpose. However, students who may not be competent users of Picnik may accidently lose their original image if they overwrite their original image with their manipulated one (depending on what online photo storage application they are using).
This is another tool that fits well with both the Engagement Theory and Oliver's Learning Design framework in that it allows for student choice, is multimodal, provides an authentic platform for students to base their learning on, engages the students in ways that 'traditional' teaching methods may not be able to achieve and gives the students opportunity to control what/how they learn.

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