Saturday, August 1, 2009

Static Websites

A static website is one that has web pages stored on the server in the format that is sent to a client web browser. They are a simple and effective way to get your message out. Static websites are quick to set up and should require almost no maintenance.

One site that allows you to create a free static website is Weebly.

Weebly is a free drag and drop website editor. Videos, pictures, maps, and text are added by simply dragging them to your website. There are many professional looking designs available for use to create your website and a variety of elements you can add to your site depending on your purpose.

Both teachers and students alike would find Weebly a useful tool in the classroom. Teachers could use Weebly to publish a Webquest (more on these later) for their students. Students could use Weebly to create simple, yet effective websites for just about any purpose they desire. They could be 'selling' products, advertising events in the classroom, responding to a Webquest, anything really.

Because of its simple layout and ease of use, students from just about any age could utilise Weebly. Another added bonus is no advertising!

The use of static websites such as Weebly for projects in the classroom provides another platform for students to learn within the frameworks of Kearsley and Shneiderman's Engagement Theory, Oliver's Learning Design framework and the Active Learning Framework.

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  1. Emma, check out the site I just found and see what you think. I think it would be a great tool for us also. What do you think?