Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legal, Safe and Ethical Issues while using ICTs

Like any activity we undergo while teaching students, there are legal, safe and ethical glitches when using ICTs in the classroom. As classroom teachers, we need to be fully aware and actively practice ensuring that students are safe while using these kinds of tools.

As the responsible person in the classroom, we also need to ensure that students stick to the '10 per cent' rule - that is for most websites and CD-Roms, only 10% can be copied, printed, downloaded, published or shown in the classroom and on computers.

Also, we need to ensure that we 'work' correctly with these tools. This entails only using school computers for educational purposes, making sure work is referenced if it is taken from somewhere else, ensuring that we have consent to use students' photos, images, work samples etc for online purposes, using the correct netiquette when using ICT tools and ensuring that students are not able to view sites that they do not need to view (for one reason or another).

By taking heed of these issues when working with ICTs, teachers will be ensuring that students are working in a safe ICT environment.

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